How do I edit the category of a subscription




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    Brian Koppe

    Thank you for the information, but please add custom categories. Not only would it be beneficial for your users, you could also use that data to fine-tune your automatic categorization.

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    Ginger Briggs

    I'm with Brian! Being able to create my own categories would really improve your already awesome product.

    If you're thinking of adding to your categories, I would love to see categories like:
    * charity/philanthropy
    * activism
    * the arts
    * creative
    * memberships
    * magazines
    * inspiration.

    But that's just me.

    The other awesome thing you could do would be search by category. So, for example, I could click on 'activism' and see all the subscriptions under that category in the last week or months or whatever.

    That should keep your busy! Thanks for you service, which has changed my life and which I have recommended to multiple people.

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