Why can't I forward new emails to take action?




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    This is a serious bummer!

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    This makes the system much more cumbersome to use and defeats the purpose of having unroll.me. It takes me less time to delete a newsletter that comes in every week with one click than it does to go to the site, sift through 100s of messages find the one that needs adding and do whatever needs to be done to add it. So I just delete it every time rather than using the service. That's a problem.

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    Andrew Wilder

    So you disabled this a year and a half ago, but we STILL have no way to manually add a sender to the rollup?

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    Okay, so when do you anticipate you'll have a way for us to add all of the many emails that your software has missed?

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    Bump... there needs to be a way to unsubsrcibe / roll directly from the mail client, whether it's forwarding an email or a chrome/firefox plugin. Otherwise I agree with @caleb, it's too cumbersome to have to go to the site to find the one message I am trying to roll up!

    can you at least give an estimate of when this will be fixed or whether it's even being worked on?

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    Michael P Fischer

    This is frustrating because I have numerous emails that are undetected and apparently there is no way to force them to be recognized. Hope there is a fix on the horizon.

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    Marcus Zanona

    It would come in really handy having this feature back.

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