How does Unroll.Me unsubscribe me from a subscription?




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    Britney Jean

    ☻➞ unrollme has helped me a ton with getting all the junk email out of my inbox for both my email accounts! And not only do they help relieve me of having an inbox saying 1,300 or so unread emails, they've made unsubscribing from those annoying websites that somehow start sending you email after email and then one of that websites affiliates even gets your email somehow and starts sending dumbass messages to your email too and then boom they've filled up ur inbox with nonstop messages from the same address! OMG so annoying ! But thanks to unroll me y'all have made unsubscribing as easy as just clicking "unsubscribe" (which y'all hAve actually and truly & really made a reality!! Love y'all for that!) under "new items" or when you go to your "edit subscriptions" section! All you do is click "UNSUBSCRIBE"!!! Unroll me team thank you!!!

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    william dean

    Unsubscribe folder disappeared, unroll folder still there, but one folder disappeared

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    Never signed into Twitter, also I don't have a Verizon account

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    Paulette Weaver Purgason

    This is supposed to verify I own this email address. UNSUBSCRIBE ME EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY FROM ANY MORE UNROLL ME SERVICES.

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