Deactivating your Rollup




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    Will not let me delete account, I want the account deleted immediately. The information to get people sucked in is false. You are making it impossible for people to manage their accounts

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    David Simpson
    Doesn't work. The Settings page 404s/ is not found.
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    Page doesn't work! Delete my account ASAP

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    Sue Hedtke

    Where the hell is my "settings" page. I WANT OUT!!

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    Yeah I want this account deleted asap how do I get to a page that won't download

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    I want out!!! I am not getting important work emails. This is destroying my life. I want everything back the way it was!!! Help!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM. IT IS A NIGHTMARE.

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    I’ve followed all your directions. I want you to delete my account ASAP. If you have charged any funds against my credit card, stop the charges and do not charge anymore charges for your subscription. I will contact the FTC if you don’t give this your immediate attention.

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    I agree with all of the above. I can't find the settings page. I did try a number of times to put it to deactivate the account, but that never worked. It just stalled with the three little balls bouncing in and out. Does anyone work at unroll me who can help us? Does anyone there care?

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