Deactivating your Rollup




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    Will not let me delete account, I want the account deleted immediately. The information to get people sucked in is false. You are making it impossible for people to manage their accounts

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    David Simpson
    Doesn't work. The Settings page 404s/ is not found.
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    Page doesn't work! Delete my account ASAP

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    Sue Hedtke

    Where the hell is my "settings" page. I WANT OUT!!

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    Yeah I want this account deleted asap how do I get to a page that won't download

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    I want out!!! I am not getting important work emails. This is destroying my life. I want everything back the way it was!!! Help!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM. IT IS A NIGHTMARE.

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    I’ve followed all your directions. I want you to delete my account ASAP. If you have charged any funds against my credit card, stop the charges and do not charge anymore charges for your subscription. I will contact the FTC if you don’t give this your immediate attention.

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