How can I get in touch with the Unroll.Me support team?




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    Brian Morgan

    I am login in and registered. All I can find is the help. Where do unsubscribed to newsletters? What am I doing wrong?

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    Still getting some emails that have unsubscribed...

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    Greg Q
    Well, Unrollme seemed to be over its problems for the last couple of weeks, but today I can't get anything to open when I click on the summary. I am attaching the error message. Could you please fix it for me. Thanks, Greg. Capture.JPG (30 KB) The error message said "The request could not be satisfied. CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection." Avatar Greg Q Yesterday at 15:40 Hi, I still cannot open my rollup, I still get the same error message, and you have not responded to my original report of this problem. I hope someone is working on it. There is no point having this service if it doesn't work. Please resolve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you, Greg. Avatar Greg Q Today at 09:02 Hi, Still no answer from you? I tried using a VPN yesterday based in the USA. I can get the main page but when I click on the individual items in my rollup they will not open and I get an error message (which I told you about already). Today I tried my employer's wifi, but still the same problem. If I can't read my emails, your service is of no use to me. Also, there used to be a facility to open individual emails in my inbox, but this doesn't seem to be available any more. My only way of looking at rolled-up emails now is to get them out of my roll-up, which entirely defeats the purpose of using your service.
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    "I keep getting a failed scan message but retrying does not help. I know I have lots of spam in my email but unroll me is not working or finding anything."
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    Mobile App User

    Unenroll me will not let me use my previous password and I need directions on how to correct this! I have sent in a couple of requests already today and have not heard any feedback. Please help. I find your service very rewarding and I would like to continue with it.

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    You need to actually have an account in the main site. You probably don't. Yeah, I know, it was a surprise to me that I could be using this application and not have an official account. When you do THAT, you can contact support and they are WONDERFUL!!! :)

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    Under general questions, I selected Mac Mail stays in the inbox. I can't access any answers to the question.

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