Can I delete emails in my Rollup?




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    Dan Tharp then, what's the whole point of the product? I really do like the idea of having some way to summarize and organize my crap mails so I can more easily work through them, but much of the process of "working through them" is DELETING them.
    Without the DELETE capability, UNROLLME pretty much becomes useless to me.
    When will this feature be available?

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    Dan Tharp fact, now that I'm working through my first day's worth of emails....I'm finding unrollme DOUBLES my work....first I use the unrollme website to browse through my emails, then I have to jump back into gmail and delete what I don't need.
    This isn't a's making this process even worse.
    Adding DELETE capabilities turns this product from useless to "amazing" in one fell swoop.

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    Simon Dingley

    I have to agree with Dan here, it adds an additional step for me having to keep jumping back and forth between Gmail and in order to delete the emails once I have read them. I may as well create a rule and filter them all in Gmail.

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    Damion Whitby

    wtf is dis crap

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    Margaretha Koper

    it is useful, and by just going to the Unenroll folder in G Mail, I can bulk delete. A feature in the unenroll digest deleting the emails in the digest would be a big help. The greatest thing is the Unsubscribe feature!

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