How much does Unroll.Me cost?




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    Paul Klipp

    That's not enough information. If the service is free, then why should I believe it will still be around in a year? If I give it nothing but my data, then what does it have to sell, except my data? I'd rather pay for the services that make my life easier than worry about questions like that.

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    Beth Allsop

    That's interesting. I just tried to get this app and it loaded partially then requested to view my apple payment account. I can't figure out why a free app would require my payment information. Awaiting an answer from the team. Will add their answer upon receipt.

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    Mike Johnson

    This answered my question, i.e., there is no monthly cost to the user, thanks.

    PS - You may want to add something about cost/pricing being free to the FAQ.

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    So there is no cost to in this day and age that shocks me i

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