I changed my password. How do I get Unroll.Me to start working again?




  • Tom Paul

    I had the same issue. It looks like , it looks like (after you have signed in with your new password), if you "deactivate" under settings and then "re-activate," your Unroll.me will start working again. Good luck.

  • Paige

    I am curious if you have since found an alternative fix. I tried the above fixes, neither of which worked. I emailed tech support and await their answer.

  • Neil Brydon

    Im the same guys - can't seem to get in even when I follow the forgotten password route - giving up soon - if they didn't hold my emails I would have thrown in the towel ages ago

  • Bruce Neumann

    Been trying to log in for monts and have subsequently lost tons of emails. Please help.

  • Baskala

    This doesn't work! Help!

  • Paular8706

    Hasn't worked for me either. I can log into support, but that's a whole other site.

  • squeee1

    my email password is not working and i can't find any support for changing my unroll me password either. i can change it on the support site but its fucking useless

  • Jl Jaboulay

    Doesn't work. Unable either to cancel the account and create a new one. Can Unroll.me staff delete my account, so I can create it again?

  • Emily Coffeen

    Same issue.

  • Jl Jaboulay

    For my iCloud account I found a solution: go to the apple id setting webpage: https://appleid.apple.com/#!&page=signin, scroll down to the security section, and select generate an application password. Copy the generated password in the clipboard, then use this password (paste) to login in Unroll.me.
    This worked for me!

  • Lauracaputo86

    thank you Ji you made my morning

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