My subscriptions are not being detected. How can I manually add them?




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    Klokie G

    Anything we can do to help? I'd be happy to submit the email headers, as there seems to be a pattern in the mails that aren't detected.

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    Chris W

    outside of the algorithm, why not add a feature that enables users to add specific email addresses to be rolled up? There are many "subscriptions" I have that do not look and feel like subscriptions and are likely to never get caught. For example, for kid's sports activities, many times there is a parent volunteer or coach that will communicate with parents - having the ability to add these emails to roll up would be a great feature.

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    I REALLY love this website but agree there needs to be a way to add in custom emails or algorithms or something.

    I tend to have many emails that instead of saying "Unsubscribe" they say "Click here to edit preferences" and those are never detected.

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    I'm not the only one who think we need to add some newsletter manually. What about simple Gmail/Chrome extension?

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    John M

    I'm with them, please make a manual enrollment option available.

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    Jo Seawright

    Yup, really need this feature otherwise it is not of much use. Only recognises about 2% of my subscriptions.

    Harness the power of social and allow users to add in some way as suggested above.

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    It's now been 2-1/2 years since they disabled the feature allowing you to add e-mails that it doesn't detect. There seems to be no response from the company at all to any of these comments or questions.

    I've seen this topic on more than 4 threads, all with comments asking to at least allow the adding of specific e-mail addresses. You can do this with a filter in almost any email client, why can't we do it with unroll? It's the easiest thing ever, you don't need an algorithm or some fancy coding. If: from = "xyz", then rollup, otherwise ignore.

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    John Hayes

    Yeah... not liking this. is a great idea, but it gets less than half of my subscriptions. Common news and blog subscriptions should be no problem for Why don't you at least add a feature allowing users to submit emails they think should be included? And does anyone read these? I see no answers from the team in this thread.

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    this article doesn't actually answer how to add manually - the comments seem to suggest this cannot be done.  

    seems like a super important feature!

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    Charlie Law

    As all the other commenters for almost three year have said, really needs to let users manually add to the "subscriptions" list. I was very close to leaving SaneBox and using only, but without the ability to flag regularly received e-mail messages as subscriptions, is of limited usefulness.

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