My subscriptions are not being detected. How can I manually add them?




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    Klokie G

    Anything we can do to help? I'd be happy to submit the email headers, as there seems to be a pattern in the mails that aren't detected.

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    Chris W

    outside of the algorithm, why not add a feature that enables users to add specific email addresses to be rolled up? There are many "subscriptions" I have that do not look and feel like subscriptions and are likely to never get caught. For example, for kid's sports activities, many times there is a parent volunteer or coach that will communicate with parents - having the ability to add these emails to roll up would be a great feature.

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    I REALLY love this website but agree there needs to be a way to add in custom emails or algorithms or something.

    I tend to have many emails that instead of saying "Unsubscribe" they say "Click here to edit preferences" and those are never detected.

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    I'm not the only one who think we need to add some newsletter manually. What about simple Gmail/Chrome extension?

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    John M

    I'm with them, please make a manual enrollment option available.

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    Jo Seawright

    Yup, really need this feature otherwise it is not of much use. Only recognises about 2% of my subscriptions.

    Harness the power of social and allow users to add in some way as suggested above.

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    It's now been 2-1/2 years since they disabled the feature allowing you to add e-mails that it doesn't detect. There seems to be no response from the company at all to any of these comments or questions.

    I've seen this topic on more than 4 threads, all with comments asking to at least allow the adding of specific e-mail addresses. You can do this with a filter in almost any email client, why can't we do it with unroll? It's the easiest thing ever, you don't need an algorithm or some fancy coding. If: from = "xyz", then rollup, otherwise ignore.

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    John Hayes

    Yeah... not liking this. is a great idea, but it gets less than half of my subscriptions. Common news and blog subscriptions should be no problem for Why don't you at least add a feature allowing users to submit emails they think should be included? And does anyone read these? I see no answers from the team in this thread.

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    this article doesn't actually answer how to add manually - the comments seem to suggest this cannot be done.  

    seems like a super important feature!

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    Charlie Law

    As all the other commenters for almost three year have said, really needs to let users manually add to the "subscriptions" list. I was very close to leaving SaneBox and using only, but without the ability to flag regularly received e-mail messages as subscriptions, is of limited usefulness.

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    This service is a great idea but HORRIBLE execution! More than half of my subscriptions are not detected. We cannot add our own categories. It is frustrating and is starting to border on useless. If you are not going to address these issues tell us so that we can move on. I'm tired of wasting time waiting. 

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    Kevin McDonagh

    Perhaps an email address or form for verified users to submit potential newsletter email addresses? Even just knowing that the email is on your radar would help.  

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    I could be wrong, but I think reason they don't allow you to do this is it would violate the contracts they have in place with certain advertisers. For instance, I get 5 emails a day from Casper, but they never show up in my New Subscriptions section. If you scroll through any part of's site, you will find several ads from Casper. Same is true with Quip toothbrushes, and a couple other brands.

    I think part of their commitment to the companies that advertise here is that they will not allow their emails to hit the unsubscribe system, and if you could manually unsubscribe, that would violate that promise.

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    Andrea Sorkin

    I have to agree with all the other comments. The app worked beautifully for me in the beginning and I was thrilled. But over the past few weeks more and more of my unwanted emails started to creep back in. I'm back to manually unsubscribing (although that rarely works). I don't think this is due to advertising contracts because many of these emails were removed after I first signed on for this service, only to find another avenue in. There are simply to many of them to think that has contracts in place with all of these randos. 

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    Keegan T Wulf

    Hey, Developers!

    I am not sure who is in charge of making this happen, but there seems to be a very clear need for the ability to at least suggest emails that the algorithm should be picking up. But I think there should be ways to suggest that algorithm pick them up and another feature that allows you to put personal addresses in to be rolled up or unsubscribed from. Maybe your thinking is that we could just as easily create filters in Gmail or something, but then you don't get the money in advertising.

    What is going on Y'all? (let's get some movement on this issue and make room for the community to help you improve your product!)

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    Ross Peebles

    First chance I get, I'm going to cancel. Over 60% of unwanted emails are being overlooked. Since it's been a year since any company member has responded, it shows no one cares. Maybe because it's free?

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    Would love to perhaps have a nominate button or option that your team may revise and update your algorithm over time.

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    Amy Smith

    I have dozens of e-mail subscriptions, some wanted and most not, but after signing up and giving access to my e-mail account, it is not recognizing any subscriptions. What is the point of using this service if it can't even detect the e-mails I'm trying to get rid of?

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